Rekindling the Dream at Max Steinberg’s Funeral

Yesterday morning a friend messaged me to call him ASAP. He told me he was in touch with the IDF official who was going to meet Max Steinberg’s family at the airport. Being that Max was a lone soldier, he wanted to make sure there were people at the funeral. 10501991_10154413278585254_665037696959077546_n - Copy He asked me to do something social media wise to put out the word. So I made a Facebook event and the word spread quickly. I work in social media and it’s usually exciting when posts go viral, but as the event got bigger and bigger my heart remained heavy. I also felt a certain sense of disconnection because although I honored Max as Jew, as a lone solider who deserved the highest respect, and I recognized the huge honor I had been given to provide┬ápeople information, I didn’t know him. Continue reading “Rekindling the Dream at Max Steinberg’s Funeral”