Why Rosh Hashana Was Made For Losers Like Me

(This is a section of a Rosh Hashana letter I wrote in 2008 and upon rereading, decided to republish here. It has been slightly edited)

There is a word that has come to the foremost part of my mind this past week, since last Motzei Shabbat when I began saying Selichot, which is mercy. ┬áThe Hebrew word for mercy is called ‘rachamim’. Rachamim is what allows life to exist. Rachamim is why it is OK to not be perfect, rachamim is what we pray for on Rosh Hashanah, and rachamim is what we all need in this world and what we need to have for each other and ourselves. Continue reading “Why Rosh Hashana Was Made For Losers Like Me”