There is poetry inside me

I say this because I am a man in a a blue hooded sweatshirt

And from the outside you might think I fit into

the projections of masculinity I see on my Facebook feed

That what concerns me is beer and sex

This is far from the truth of my context

My inner life is more deep then any marketing team can glean from tracking clicks on my computer screen

There is poetry inside me

And I don’t want men like me to live in a cage

That requires us to age regress to juvenile delinquencies

While our nobility and strength is left bereft of an outlet

Our place in history occupied by idols

of idle time wasted on click holes and buzzfeeds

While inside words and ideas flow like stormy seas

Revolutions, proclamations and manifestos waiting to disrupt society

Sit frustrated, seemingly to have gone the way of the dodo

A mythical awkward extinct creature of a lost time

Don’t laugh, there are worlds at stake.

There is poetry inside me

And I don’t want it to die to this lie

That says I am a success object here to gratify my arm candy

With bling that I put a ring on

Superficial smiles and empty eyes horrify my heart

While I yearn for real communion and communication

There is poetry inside me

And I want to love like fire

And build like a king

The battle is not over and my warrior requires me to step forth

Tuning in to the force like a Jewish jedi magician

And cut down my enemies without hatred in my chest

There is poetry inside every man!

Who has been taught that it is cool to act like a fool

Get drunk, drool, and play the game

That nobody knows how to win and the only way out

Is connecting within

Every man is a mystery

Every man contains galaxies

Every man is worthy of love even if he has forgotten what it means to be a man

Every man needs to be forgiven

Every man yearns to shine his light

There is poetry inside me

and I am here for a reason

I will be forgotten

but my mission is not to be remembered

I live in this undiscovered country

embracing the mystery

kissing infinity

The Holy One Blessed Be He

Thank you for the gift you have given me.

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