10 Photos of the Peaceful Warriors of the Israel Defense Forces

I know many soldiers in the IDF who pray for peace and do not want war. Sometimes it’s hard to see that through all the reports of the bombs and the body counts.

My friend who Yonatan A. who served in the infantry of the Kfir brigade and is now in the reserves told me: “The pain and suffering of the people in Gaza is heart-wrenching, it hurts.  It’s every soldiers dream to wake up one day and be sent home because there is peace but until then we gotta do everything to protect our families, but not in a barbaric way, obviously. I hope for a time where both peoples realize how similar and closely related we really are, that just working together we can reach unbelievable places.”

Reality is much bigger than where you point the camera. War is not black and white. In some ways, life is the contrast that emerges between darkness and light. Scroll through these 10 photos of the peaceful warriors of the Israel Defense Forces. It very well might change how you think about what is happening.

nechama Jacobosn







(The photo above is a snapshot of Israeli police protecting a family of Israeli-Arabs with their own bodies from possible shrapnel from a rocket attack.)




May God bless all peoples dwelling in the Holy Land with peace.

Check out more of Nechama Jacobson’s remarkable photography from her recent trip to Israel’s border with Gaza here

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