Reflections on Yitro the High Priest and Jung the High Psychologist

Judaism is my spiritual path and every week I am called to practice reading stories.  Stories from the Five Books of Moses, the  Torah. The deeper teachings of Judaism instruct that these are not just stories but a spiritual map.  After many years of reading them,  at a certain point these stories took on a life of their own in my inner life, the characters becoming archetypes in my psychodynamic process. The story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and the snake. Yoseph the dreamer. Moses the liberator from darkness and slavery. The journey through the desert. All these became a symbolic language to describe my own life process, to give voice to the deeper currents of my soul which before had no outlet. In the past few years a new character has arisen out of the pages and in my psyche and that is Yitro, the universal priest, whose name encapsulates this weeks Torah portion. Continue reading “Reflections on Yitro the High Priest and Jung the High Psychologist”